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FAIRY TAIL DiceMagic v3.13.7018 (Mod Apk)

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FAIRY TAIL DiceMagic v3.13.7018 (Mod Apk) Magicians of popular TV animation “FAIRY TAIL” rampage in Sugoroku RPG world!

Easy but profound, new sensation Sugoroku action RPG, FAIRYTAIL DiceMagic

◇ View of the world
It is spun in the original scenario written down for this work,
A new adventure play of Natsu ‘s Fairy’ s tail.
The guild in Fiore cooperatively confronts the crisis of Ishigar suddenly visited!
Collect the unique and attractive magicians and save the continent (Ishgar)!

Appears until the final volume, including magicians of Fairy Tale
Character appears in total! More original characters also participate!

◇ Battle
Choose your favorite character and organize a party!
Let’s combine possession dice possessed by each character!
It’s easy but you can enjoy deep strategic battle!
When the skill gauge that accumulates when attacking becomes MAX,
The powerful cut-in and the gigantic mystery skill that is triggered by the attack production will be activated!

◇ Story
Mystery magic suddenly occurred in the land of Ishgar “DICE”
By DICE everyone was trying to be deprived of liberty under the guidance of fate.
In the meantime, the voice of a mystery that suddenly speaks directly into the mind.
The same voices were heard by all the magicians who were dominated by DICE,
As soon as we release it from this rule, we entrust dice called DICE Rakurima to the magusians.
The whole ishgar is going to be dominated by the guidance of DICE.
In response to this emergency, the Magic Council makes a large-scale request to the guilds in Fiore.
Release the continent (Ishgar) from DICE!
Thus the fight with the new adventures of the Natsu magicians started.

◇ Official Twitter

◇ Official website

◇ Compatible terminals
Android ™ terminal: Android 5.1 or higher
(Some terminals are excluded)

This application is distributed with the official license of the right holder.

“CRIWARE (TM)” of CRI · Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG
フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG
フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG
フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG
フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG
フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック-本格アクションRPG

Mod Menu
>Dumb Enemy
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier


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