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Hybrid Warrior KR v1.0.30 (Mod Apk)

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Hybrid Warrior KR

Hybrid Warrior KR v1.0.30 (Mod Apk) Everyone, get a game coupon ~

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The final battle with the Demon King.
The legendary warrior who defeated the Demon King using the last swordsmanship of’gave flesh and take bones’.
But it gave up all the flesh and became a skeleton.
Raise your own special hybrid warrior from a bloody skeleton warrior!

■ Infinite farming of monster flesh to raise warriors
-Please attach the flesh of the demon, the flesh of the slime, and the flesh of the reaper to the warrior with only the skeleton left.
-Attaching the arm of a goblin monster increases the attack speed!
-Attack power increases by attaching Orc monster legs!
-The more it looks like a monster and the more bizarre it is, the more powerful it becomes.
-Grow your own hybrid warrior with numerous monster flesh combinations!
-There are no identical hybrid warriors! Show off your unique looks, including demons, reapers, and dragons.

■ PvP system
-I can show other people the cute and monstrous appearance of my warrior.
-Only possible when encountering an enemy with another warrior.
-Let’s take down a tacky opponent and take a victory pose.

■ Lab
-Catch the monsters and proceed with the research.
-You can make the flesh you want yourself.
-Unnecessary monster flesh is a powerful skill potion!
-Try infinite growth with various skill potions!

■ Idle-type game like neglect, not neglect
-Enjoy a unique and fun breeding game that you have never seen before!

■ Contact
Please send inquiries to the e-mail address below and we will help you quickly.
Contact: [email protected]
Developer Contact:
02-899-2961혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전
혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전
혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전
혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전
혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전
혼종용사 키우기 : 마왕의 던전

1. Menu
2. High Stats
Start game and if the liapp error apearse switch app and choose the 2nd Game window
Watch Video for Problems


Hybrid Warrior KR v1.0.30 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Hybrid Warrior KR v1.0.30 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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