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LUNA M: Sword Master v1.0.549 (Mod Apk)

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LUNA M: Sword Master

LUNA M: Sword Master v1.0.549 (Mod Apk) Thousands of years ago The war between the races was born, anger, hatred, fear.

The evil god of destruction was born. But received a young woman from the Moon Tribe to help She used the magic power from the Moonstone to defeat the god of destruction. But after that, the human race, the dragon tribe, and the demon race realized that the source of the true power, the Moonstone, was greedy. I want to own the magic crystal. Come on my own The leader of the Moon Tribe decided to dissolve the Moonstone into debris. And secretly hide it So that no one would possess it anymore.

LUNA M, a mobile MMORPG game that raises a full line of patriotism To the mobile screen Players will have fun with the adventure. Fascinated by the charm of the characters that are full of cute. There are adding effects to adjust graphics and interfaces to suit the playing of mobile phones in the present era. With a strong community system focus

► Highlights of the game ◄

 Explore the real kingdom that you miss 
• There are many career options to play. Cute character And have unique skills according to each profession
• Blast into the vast, vast kingdom that you miss.
• Up to level up plus weapon upgrades to be superior.
• Fishing, digging ore, collecting ingredients, cooking, crafting free items as you wish.

 Adventure with your favorite pets and vehicles 
There are a variety of pets to choose from. That come with different abilities
• Transportation is also important if you can go a long way together
Combine your pet and the right partner And let’s go out on an adventure

 Enter the dungeon to join the fun Guild war 
• Embark on intense main story missions
• Co-op: Create a party through dungeons and play with your friends in Real-time.
• PVP Championships in the Arena
Climb the infinite tower
• Build a Guild to fight in the exciting Guild War.

 Various styles of fashion Endless adjustments 
• It is a cool line, a hard line, a hard line, it has to choose from. Change as you like I guarantee that it is unique.
• Upgrade your unique look You can choose from head to toe. Wing work is also available.

Facebook: M: Sword Master
LUNA M: Sword Master
LUNA M: Sword Master
LUNA M: Sword Master
LUNA M: Sword Master
LUNA M: Sword Master

MOD APK features:
1.Attack Speed
2.Attack Speed x2 [Buggy]3.Move Speed [ UN-EQUIP MOUNT To Change Speed ]4.Freeze Enemy [ Enemy won’t chase you]5.No Chat CD

*use Archer Class For Best Attack Speed Performance


LUNA M: Sword Master v1.0.549 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

LUNA M: Sword Master v1.0.549 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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