Tower Defense Three Kingdoms Chinese v5.6.00 Mod Apk

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Tower Defense Three Kingdoms Chinese

Tower Defense Three Kingdoms Chinese v5.6.00 Mod Apk

Adapted by The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the tower defense masterpiece that has become popular in Asia and has won the praise of tens of millions of fans is now officially on stage!
Through the millennium, you will become the Emperor of Han Dynasty. Not only can you attract rookie and masters, and when you are in the dead of night, there will be harem women playing with you. Let’s take a quick look!

[game features]

Prepare for the horse and fight!
The industry’s most recognized brain-burning tower defense game is played! The expedition system is also super-characteristic. The level of conquest is divided into: ordinary, elite and nightmare! The more difficult the reward items are, the more rare! It is time to prove your IQ strength to everyone! There are more than 100 innovative games. Sturdy towers, defending the city, expeditions, harem beauties, robbing rare treasures, arenas, ring games, generals lineup, animal training, etc., out of your heroic!

The harem cheers and enjoys the fun of the king!
The original harem system of the game, players need to collect and cultivate the beauty of the harem, to provide their own attribute bonus. With beautiful skill effects, a high-paced blow, you can enjoy the fighting experience. Three thousand beautiful women let you flop and experience a different kind of tenderness in the smoke. It is also important to remember that interacting with beautiful women of all ages every day to enhance their good feelings.

Strategy tower defense, unique world!
The game incorporates a variety of new gameplay methods, innovating the turret setting of the tower defense game, transforming the single static defense tower in the traditional tower defense into a popular and more dynamic three-country star, allowing you to fully experience the absolute pleasure of conquering the world under the command of famous stars and feeling the towers. Anti-strategy of endless charm.

Exquisite 3D characters, history is now!
The game adopts realistic anthropomorphic technology. The characters are dynamic to the clothing angle. The combat moves are carefully optimized: gorgeous skill effects, shocking hitting effects, and unparalleled tri-nation fun! More than 500 historical faction generals will appear! Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Lü Bu, About, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and other super-generals will wait for you to recruit!

Searching for cents system and gaining top equipment treasures
Players can spend ingots and props to search for different grades. Each time you search for a fairy, you can get a prop and add some lucky value. After the lucky value is full, you can get lucky props! Lucky items contain various top equipment and treasure fragments. Every time you use top search, you have the opportunity to directly get lucky items, and quickly try your luck.

[Official Information]“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” official fan group:
“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” Official Discussion Group:
“Tower Defense Three Kingdoms” official website: https://login.tdsgz.gamemorefun.net塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典
塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典
塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典
塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典
塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典
塔防三國志:群英齊聚 重溫經典

Damage increased
Characters will not die
Skills will not be cooled, and will not be consumed


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